November 2020


Results of a trip to Karelia

I'll tell You how much money I spent while Traveling in Karelia by car.

I spent 4,600 rubles on gasoline;

Accommodation cost me 9,000 rubles;

Food was 4,400 rubles;

I spent 5,000 rubles on Souvenirs;

Entrance to the Ruskeala mountain Park 100 rubles;

Underground tour in the Park 1500 rubles;

Troll Riding 1200 rubles;

Troll Photography 500 rubles;

Ruskeala waterfall 250 rubles;

Karelian zoo 400 rubles;

Kivach entrance 200 rubles;

Girvas entrance 100 rubles;

Karelia day 6

I visited a Karelian beer shop. Then I went to the art Museum. Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Karelian Republic, paintings were brought from the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov gallery and the Murmansk regional Museum.


Then I had lunch at a cafe on the way. I was offered a set meal.

Karelia day 5

I went to Kizhi island by the Kizhi necklace transport company. There we pay for the entrance and we are given a tour.

The reconstruction of the Transfiguration Church is finished, but there are still works inside. The sky is not made, because it was lost in the Soviet years. They promise to make a new model.


Karelia day 4

I visited Kivach and Girvas today. It seemed to me that they are close, but as it turned out, Kivach is an hour's drive from Petrozavodsk, and Girvas is another 30 minutes from Kivach.


Their spillway usually occurs on the first of may or during repairs. By the way, you can get to Girvas without a ticket, if you drive a little further by car.