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Karelia day 3.


I finished my trip to Ruskeala and went to Petrozavodsk.

I Left the recreation center at 10 am. On the way, I stopped at the hotel Dot on the map. They have a buffet Breakfast for outsiders for 700 rubles.

To be continued.


After a good Breakfast, I continued on my way,

stopping at a Rosneft gas station to warm up and refuel. But as it turned out, they first pay then fill up. This is not convenient for me.

I Was going to move on when the machine gave the error P0343. With this error, you can safely drive.

After going to the Murmansk highway, I refueled there at the first gas station.

I arrived at the hotel around 14:30. I also discovered that my gas canister had overturned. Naturally, a little gasoline leaked out, but this is not critical. There was a smell in the car. The jacket that was in the trunk was damaged. I hung up my jacket to air out.

After taking a shower and taking a little rest, I went to the river port to look for the Kizhi necklace transport company. I was able to buy tickets to Kizhi only on Thursday.

I went to the magnet store and bought dinner. Because here I took my favorite milk on October 10

. To be continued.