Opinions about Plasma 5 and review of Russian Linux distributions



Hello dear readers. Today I would like to share my opinion about Plasma 5. As for me, this is still a raw and buggy graphical environment of KDE. Sometimes it disappears the panel lies the system tray menu, launch applications, etc.

I have tried this environment on different systems. Such as Ubuntu, Rosa, and also now I have it on Calculate. At the time of the appearance of the environment, especially in Ubuntu, there were often errors, but each time they became less and less. Why do I focus on Ubuntu? I spent the most time in this system with Plasma 5. The next system where I tested the shell was Rosa. The developers of this system have been building Plasma 5 for a very long time. As practice has shown, there were also many different mistakes.

I am currently using Plasma 5 on Calculate Linux. Recently, this graphical environment was placed in the test branch. So far, one of the problems I noticed was that the interface disappeared once. But it's too early to talk about job stability.

The second issue I wanted to highlight is Russian operating systems. I will not list them, but will provide you with a link to an interesting article. http://losst.ru/luchshie-russkie-distributivy-linux