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Linux subsysteem in Windows


  • Ubuntu

Tested the Linux subsystem in the Windows environment. For testing, I put Ubuntu 18.04. Microsoft only works with the LTS version of Ubuntu. There is also support for Debian, Kali, and Open Leap. The system in this case works as an add-on, so it uses the same hardware and ip address as windows. Naturally, only bash is available. This is enough to make a web server or monitoring system.

Of the disadvantages, I can note that not all functions work. For example, systemctl does not work. To start the service and reboot, you will have to use init.d.

Windows 10, new update

On August 2, 2016, Microsoft plans to release the next update of the system, in which you will see new features, as well as get the stability of the system. The build number will be Windows 10 14393. Windows Insider members have already received this build.
Most importantly, you can't get Windows 10 for free now. Unfortunately, the cost of the system is very expensive. So for Windows 10 Core ask-7900, and for Windows 10 Pro-13900. Maybe the prices for the oem version will be lower, I do not own this information.


New Windows 10 BSOD

The Windows 10 14328 build has a new BSOD that contains a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone.

Added a new Bash feature from Ubuntu. What is the meaning of this function I have not yet understood. To activate this feature, go to Settings->Update and restore->Enable developer mode. Then open the control panel-> programs and components-> enable / disable windows components-> tick the Linux subsystem (beta).