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August 2020



Got a Tinkoff Bank card today. I was additionally given a mask and a Tinkoff SIM card. Service is zero rubles if you do not withdraw money. If you still withdraw money, the service is 580 rubles a year. So who is interested, run to get the card.


Battery for Honor 9

I ordered a battery for my smartphone on Aliexpress. My battery doesn't hold a charge at all. By the way, the seller sent the product quickly enough. I will change the battery myself.

The link to the product

Новинка! Dedicated ‌с ‌процессорами ‌Intel‌ ‌Xeon‌ ‌W-серии

REG.RU one of the first in the Russian market to open to customers the entire line of Intel Xeon W processors for Dedicated servers. This is a new solution that is characterized by a high clock speed, a large number of powerful cores and a democratic price. The devices are suitable for tasks where a high CPU load is expected.

Dlink dfl 260e


Purchased a d link dfl 260e. I had a little trouble with the settings, but the Internet started working. Unfortunately, IPtv could not be started from the provider. As the provider says, they do not support third-party devices.

The Xiaomi router connected LAN to lan. WiFi worked without problems.

The weakling is a thing of the past.


  • ip

Today, the weak point is slowly losing its position. This technology is already outdated. Now there is no need to pull the telephone and coaxial cable. The classic PBX is slowly dying out and is being replaced by asterisk IP telephony. This saves money, you do not have to pay for each number, but just buy one number from your Internet service provider.

Television has also changed and now a twisted pair is used for connection, which is inserted into the TV set-top box or Snart TV technology is used.

Yandex Cloud

About the event
A representative of Genotek will tell You how they transferred data storage and processing to Yandex.Cloud.

You will learn why Genotek is considering using the ClickHouse DBMS to store genetic data, and how to optimize computing resources using cloud technologies.

intel and AMD

Recently on Yandex market looked server processors. I noticed the fact that Intel is lagging behind Amd. The top-end server processor Intel Xeon Platinum costs 900 thousand rubles. It has 28 cores, 205 tdp heat output, 14 nm process and 4.2 GHz frequency. Amd Apu processor costs 650 thousand rubles. It has 64 cores, 225 tdp heat output, 7 nm process and 4.2 GHz frequency.

From which I conclude that the Amd processor is currently more powerful and more profitable at a price. I think this processor is ideal for a data center where vps or vds servers are actively used.