Nas Storage



Good afternoon, dear readers. Today I would like to present your Nas storage with my own hands.

I looked in the stores how much a ready-made solution costs and on the basis of this I concluded that it is cheaper and easier to assemble everything with your own hands. Especially since I had an old component in stock.

My NAS storage is based on an Asus motherboard on a 775 socket, a dual-core Intel Pentium processor and 4gb of RAM. As a system, I used FreeNAS (Freenas Core). The system itself was installed on an ssd drive because there was no 32gb flash drive at hand. In the future, I may transfer the system to a flash drive.

This is what my temporary solution looks like.


I used a rack for the system, because there was a problem that my case has a lower location of the power supply. As a result, I do not have enough length to power the processor. I will solve this problem with a 4-pin to 4-pin extension cable.

In the future, I plan to purchase a sata controller and two Seagate IronWolf disks. I haven't decided on the disk size yet.

To be continued.