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Covid 19.


Hello dear readers. Today I will tell you about the situation in Russia with the kronovirus and what the doctors themselves say about it.

Today, there are many people who have fallen ill in the country, but we are stubbornly holding the football championship, scarlet sails and other events. Formula 1 will also be held soon.

In Moscow, it is difficult to get a medical withdrawal from vaccination. There are rumors that if the doctor gives a medical recusal, he will be fired from his job. In general, voluntary vaccination becomes mandatory. Without the vaccine, it is forbidden to visit coffee, restaurants, and you can not go to work. Peskov also said that if you are not vaccinated, then quit your job. On the part of the government, lawlessness is happening.

The doctors themselves say that there are a lot of sick people and there are not enough places in hospitals. They also said that two vaccines do not give any antibodies at all, i.e. it is necessary to be vaccinated with Satellite V. Although there have not yet been clinical trials that the vaccine is working. Therefore, this vaccine is not registered abroad.