Smart technologies



Good afternoon, dear readers. Today I wanted to talk about smart technologies, in particular about a smart home.

At the moment, I have come to the conclusion that the population of Russia is not yet ready for smart technologies. There are several reasons for this:

1. Low incomes of the population;

2. The high cost of some devices, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, a door lock, etc.;

3. The electrical wiring in the apartment needs to be upgraded, which will require the repair of the apartment in whole or in part;

4. To install a smart door lock with a fingerprint, you will need to purchase a new door. The cost of the simplest door is about 30 thousand rubles.;

5. The smart home system can be allowed mainly by residents of megacities;

6. Craftsmen and companies do not offer smart technologies when repairing an apartment. When housing and communal services workers hear about a smart light bulb, they are put into a stupor;

7. Door manufacturers do not offer smart locks, but only classic ones with a key.

In this regard, smart technologies in Russia will come no earlier than in 10 years and this is an optimistic period. Therefore, the author of this article will actively promote smart technologies to the masses.