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Covid 19.

Hello dear readers. Today I will tell you about the situation in Russia with the kronovirus and what the doctors themselves say about it.

Today, there are many people who have fallen ill in the country, but we are stubbornly holding the football championship, scarlet sails and other events. Formula 1 will also be held soon.


Insulation. Day two

Day two is not much different from the first. I don't go anywhere, I observe the quarantine prescribed by the President. Slowly you begin to get used to this isolation.

Now they offer various online courses for free. You can read books.

I watched the film the Balkan frontier. I recommend watching this movie.

Quarantine. On the first day.

On the first day, it's very hard to realize that you can't leave the house. But I find myself thinking that this is necessary for my safety, as well as for the safety of others. If we want to defeat the virus and stop it, we must stay at home.

Many people violate this regime, which is very bad. Because of them, a curfew may be imposed.

I don't know if I have enough food for a week of isolation. Fortunately, now there is a delivery of products to your home.

Covid 19. Quarantine

Hello dear readers. As you know, there is a pandemic going on. In this connection, we were put in a week-long quarantine in St. Petersburg. Everything is closed. Banks, grocery stores, public transport, pharmacies, and medical facilities remain open. It is not desirable to go out on the street, only if it is necessary.

So we stay isolated and get better. The only way to stop the pandemic is isolation.


Covid 19

How tired of the information about the coronavirus. As well as information about Ukraine.

Everyone is running around and stocking up on food. It feels like they are preparing for the Apocalypse. The virus has already started to decline in China itself. Everything will be fine in the near future.