Linux subsysteem in Windows


Tested the Linux subsystem in the Windows environment. For testing, I put Ubuntu 18.04. Microsoft only works with the LTS version of Ubuntu. There is also support for Debian, Kali, and Open Leap. The system in this case works as an add-on, so it uses the same hardware and ip address as windows. Naturally, only bash is available. This is enough to make a web server or monitoring system.

Of the disadvantages, I can note that not all functions work. For example, systemctl does not work. To start the service and reboot, you will have to use init.d.

Skype for linux

Relatively recently, Microsoft has introduced a new alpha version of Skype for linux. Now this skype has the same interface as in windows. To date, this is still a raw product, but if you want to put it on and test it, you can download it from here While only deb and rpm packages, there are no sources yet.



Hello my dear readers!

Recently, I have been actively using the Linux operating system. This is a good Windows replacement. There are many different programs under linux. The system is stable, you just need to configure it once and everything will work as you need it. You have to control the system, but it is not you.

I can't say anything bad about Windows, it is also good in its own way. I participate in the Windows insader program, so I get new system builds. New builds always have some bugs and not improvements, but this is all quickly fixed by the company.

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