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Updating the site


A large-scale update of the site has been made.

1. Drupal 9 became Drupal 10 instead;

2. Updating the design theme;

3. The forum has been updated to version 3.3.9;

4. Nextcloud 25 version.

The site is currently being finalized and modernized. I'm sorry if something doesn't work.


Drupal Update


  • drupal

Recently, a new version of drupal 9.0 was released. I Wanted to update to this version, but unfortunately it has not worked yet, because not all modules work in the new version. The problem also occurred with the module upgrade_status 8.x-2.7. This module does not want to work for me. It is very difficult to update without it.

Share your experience of upgrading to the new version of drupal.