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Обо мне

Welcome to my blog.

I am a versatile person, interested in many things, such as computers, cars, music, websites, web design and much more.

My main activity is repair and restoration of computer equipment. You can ask for computer help at any time.

Now I want to restore and repair cars, both domestic and foreign. My passion for cars has appeared recently, so I am actively developing this area. In my materials, I will tell you how I started my first driving without an instructor, my first accidents. And how to overcome your fear of driving.

I am fond of electronic music. Graduated from DJ courses. In General, I am a music lover, I like different music to suit the mood. I'll also add that I'm a movie fan. I prefer science fiction and action movies. All other genres of films I rarely watch.

My achievements do not end there.

Engaged in apartment renovation. I was able to repair the room on my own. Experience in this case is not very much, but I studied hard how to do it. I helped the craftsmen make repairs. If someone wanders from the masters to my blog, I will be happy to offer my help. And I also want to learn a lot, or rather to do something with my own hands.

You can probably already see what a versatile person I am. So welcome to my blog. And I wish all visitors happiness and good!